Web Writing – Build Your $200K a Year Business

Web writing is taking off in a big way. Experienced Web writers are finding that there are unlimited opportunities online; there’s a huge demand both for straight content, and for copywriting skills. If you’re a competent writer, you should be aiming for a six-figure income. If you’re published in print, do realize that the Web environment is very different from the print world.

Let’s see how you can create a $200K a year business from Web writing.

1. Create a Plan: Who’s Your Audience? What Will You Write?

Your first step is to create a plan. You need to decide on your audience, and also decide what you’ll write. If you’re published in print, you’ll find that many of your magazine clients are already online. However, don’t confine yourself to just magazines — with hundreds of millions of Web sites, expand your horizons.

If you’re completely new writer and don’t have any clients, realize that it will take you several months to figure out how the online world works. Many writers get stuck in low-paying ghettos of various kinds online: often this is because they fail to market themselves as writers, and fail to learn Web writing skills.

Make sure that your plan includes ways to get known as a writer, and leaves time for you to study and learn.

2. Follow the Plan, Revising As You Go

In these tough economic times, companies still have to market. This means that advertising will continue, and since advertising supports editorial both online and off-line, there is always a demand for editorial content. Follow the plan you’ve created, but revisit and revise it often, as you see what works for you, and what doesn’t. You should revise your plan at least once a month.

3. Keep Learning: Build Your Writing and Other Skills

You need minimal technical and writing skills to write for the Web; however the more skills you have, the more you will be paid. As your skills grow, so will your income.

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